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About Us

Victoria Wells has been an animal behavior professional for 19 years, overseeing the behavior modification and rehabilitation of all of NY City's canine abuse and neglect cases cared for by the ASPCA. She has also worked with hundreds of cats with various behavior issues. Her experience with the most severe cases of animal abuse and neglect has established her as one of the top animal behavior experts in the country and a pioneer in developing treatments and assessments to help dogs and cats overcome their behavior issues and go on to live happy and emotionally healthy lives. Victoria has seen private clients and their animals for over 16 years successfully treating behavior issues ranging from aggression to anxiety. Victoria has appeared as the behavior expert on Animal Planet's Animal Precinct,NY1 News channel as the pet expert for The Pet Report, and  breed behavior expert on Dogs 101.


Victoria Wells provides behavior consultation and training session on a house call basis. Treating moderate to severe behavior issues. In addition to providing traditional behavior modification recommendations and treatments Victoria is an advanced certified practitioner and offers Reiki sessions for both dogs and cats to help reduce stress,anxiety,and assist in pain management as a complementary service.

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